About Us

About Us

We Create Journeys Worth Taking For The Traveler

Afro Asian Travel is a dedicated travel agency specializing in tailor-made Egypt tours and Nile cruises, promising an authentic and immersive experience of this ancient land's wonders. Our expertise is crafting flexible and custom travel packages, ensuring that each journey unfolds as a unique, unforgettable story for our discerning clients.


7 Years Experience

Expertly plans dream escapes, personalized itineraries.


Best Travel Agents

Unforgettable journeys, personalized service. Your dream adventure awaits!

Honeymoon Packages & Romantic Getaways

Embark on a romantic journey with us! Our honeymoon packages and romantic gateways are specially tailored to allow couples to create beautiful memories together. Discover the perfect destination for your dream honeymoon or romantic gateway today.

Adventure Trips

Plan an adventure of a lifetime with our custom-made adventure trips! Our team of adventure-seekers will take you to the most stunning places around the world. Get ready to explore, discover, and make lasting memories. Let's make your adventure dreams come true!

Family Trip With Private Services

Plan the perfect family trip with our private services! Our experienced team of travel experts will customize your plans to meet your individual needs and budget. Let us help you create lasting memories with your family!

Exclusive Visits

Explore the hidden gems of your city with our exclusive and private sightseeing tours! Enjoy a unique experience tailored to your needs, with our qualified and experienced guides who will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Lifestyle Trip

Experience tailor-made 'Lifestyle Trips' designed to elevate your travel. Immerse in unique culture, cuisine, wellness activities, and authentic local interactions

Private Boat

Charter your own private boat and explore the open seas! With us, you can customize every detail of your journey and enjoy the freedom of the open ocean. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Private Jet

Book your private jet today! Enjoy the convenience and luxury of having a private jet to take you anywhere you want in style. We provide high-quality services, with safety and comfort guaranteed. Experience the best in personalized air travel!


Mastering the art of perfect adventure for 7+ years in the wild.

Best Price Guarantee

We have the most economic prices and offers with the highest quality

Best Destinations

Our programs cover the most interesting sightseeing in Egypt and Middle East

We speak your langugue

You will never have any communication problem as our team is a fluent speaker of your language

Best Travel Agents

we have the most professional tour guides and operators

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